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IREN recognizes the importance of African people to effectively participate in international debate and break the silences that have characterized Africa’s development history. The media in Africa ought also to understand the causation factors behind news and effectively inform, educate and involve Africans in wealth creation. IREN hosts various annual events to achieve these and also partners with other organizations to host targeted events.

1. The Eastern Africa Media Forum

Since 2003, the Inter Region Economic Network has trained over 500 journalists who cover business, development and governance issues from various independent media houses in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Zimbabwe Zambia and South Sudan.The objective of this annual training is to expose journalists to in-depth issues that affect events in the world and to principles of wealth creation.

Year       Theme
2014       Africa Rising:Myth or Reality?

2013       Indian Ocean Rim:Gateway to Eastern Africa’s Prosperity

2012       Harnessing Digital Revolution to Benefit Africa

2011        Is Eastern Africa ready for China,India and Europe?

2010       The Billionth African

2009       Africa Resources Conflict: Whose interest does the press serve?

2008       The Role of the Media in Positioning Africa in the 21st Century

2007       Turning African People into a Resource Report

2006       Conquering poverty through business in Eastern Africa

2005       Property Rights in the African Context

2004       Business and International Trade

2003       World Trade Organization

2. The Africa Resource Bank Forum

The Africa Resource Bank (ARB) is a network of organizations and individuals with an objective of promoting concepts that will enhance economic freedom and wealth creation in Africa.  Launched in 2003, the annual event has brought together over 5000 delegates from across the globe to deliberate on how to cause prosperity in Africa.

Year       Theme

2014      African’s Productivity in the 21st Century:Who Owns Africa?

2013      Africa Rising:Myth or Reality?

2012      The Indian Ocean Rim as a New Frontier:How prepared is Africa?

2011      Digital Revolution:Opportunity or Threat to Africa?  

 2010      Africa vs Developed and Emerging Economies:How to make Africa win

 2009      Probing Governance and Prosperity in Africa

 2008      Commercializing Africa’s Resources to Promote Prosperity

2007      Positioning Africa in the 21st Century

2006      Turning African People into a Resource

2005      Conquering Poverty in Africa through Business

2004      Property Rights in the African Context

2003      Building Africa through Trade

3.The Eastern Africa Thought Leaders Forum

For last four years Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) has hosted over 300 delegates from across Africa for the annual IREN Eastern Africa Thought Leaders Forum. The trainings are aimed at promoting think tank culture in Africa as part of the strategy to involve Africans in getting solutions to the problems affecting the continent.

Year       Theme

2014       Africa’s Core Interests:How to make Africans’ Dreams Valid

2013       African Indigenous Games of Strategy

2012       Leadership,Environment and Food Security in Africa

2011       Crafting East Africa’s Future

The 5th IREN Eastern Africa Thought leaders Forum is set for August 12-15, 2015 under the theme“Africa’s Elusive Asset: The Mind as the Ultimate Capital.”

4. Partnerships with other organizations

The Pan African Workshop on Service Delivery to Small Holder Farmers

IREN partnered with the Syngenta Foundation to host the first the workshop for small holder farmers with the objectives of reviewing Africa’s agriculture environment in terms of service delivery to small holder farmers and also to discuss commercialization of agricultural ideas as a strategy to move Africa away from dependency.