The Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) is a leading independent African think tank that promotes ideas and strategies geared towards causing prosperity in Africa through free enterprise and sound public policy.

IREN’s focus areas include Three key categories:-

  • Think Tank

    We analyze and give suggestions on public policy innovation with the aim of promoting prosperity and wealth creation in Africa.

  • Enterprise Development

    IREN aims to grow investible and investor ready enterprises in Africa.

  • Consultancies

    IREN offers a multi-disciplinary approach to grow intra-country development cooperation and investment opportunities in Africa.

Our Vision

To convert Africa’s potential to reality through sound public policy

Our Mission

To be a leader in improving living standards in Africa through free enterprise

Our Philosophy

Where a free human mind is the ultimate capital


Core goals

  1. Cutting edge ideas:  Bring innovative thinking on issues affecting Africa
  2. Networking: Promote exchange of ideas among individuals and organized groups
  3. Competitiveness: Offer a platform for Africans to interpret the world and creatively respond to their challenges
  4. Redefine Africa:  Evaluate systems operating in Africa